JK, born in the Eifel region in 1953, studies of German language and literature in Cologne from 1972 until 1976, guitarist and singer in various bands, since 1980 member of staff in an art bookshop, serious commitment to photography since 1995.


Conversations among photographers will seldom deal with focal length or shutter speed. Technique is boring for those who have mastered it. More interesting may be if one prefers chemical or digital solutions. The really good and important questions – why, where from, what for, how – they will rarely be properly or willingly answered.
Angela Hewitt once basically said that she cannot explain what she is thinking when she plays the piano. And that she, if she could, would not do it because every artist should retain the true secret of his inspiration to himself. The rest is handcraft
The origin of all the pictures shown here is exposed negative film, mostly 120 roll film. Later, sometimes considerably later, enlargements are developed in chemical baths. In order to show them in a lightbox these papers have to be scanned and digitally treated to gain as close a resemblance to the original print as possible.
With her recordings of Bach's partitas and suites for the piano Angela Hewitt belongs to my indispensable companions in the darkroom. As do Jordi Savall playing Marin Marais, Toros Can playing Henri Purcell, Alexandre Tharaud playing Francois Couperin. And of course Marcin Wasilewski, Bobo Stenson, Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu. The notes by accompanying the work find their way into it. But as the picture takes form in the eye of the beholder he will as well here his own music. The rest is noise.